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What Makes Life Assets Different?

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We deliver long term value with consistent, considered and measured advice so that your financial decisions will result in stability and security for you and your family. We use a team approach to provide you with the service you would expect from a professional office with a diverse range of skills and experiences from which to draw upon when helping you.

Each of our staff undertakes continuing development of their skills and education in their respective roles.

It is important that our clients are familiar with our staff and can talk to anyone in our office, from changing a postal address to more detailed administrative issues.

Our client service standards are constantly monitored to ensure you always receive exceptional client service.

Professional financial planning is based on building quality relationships. We build trust with our clients over time by doing exactly what we promise.

The same philosophy extends to our product and service providers. Due to the relationships built over the years we are fortunate to receive high levels of service which streamlines our administration processes and in turn service quality to our clients.

What Makes Life Assets Different?

As Financial Planners our role is focused on guiding and supporting clients on a path to financial balance and security. We use state of the art systems, technology and procedures to ensure we maintain a consistent high level of client service.

Each of our staff undertakes continuing development of their skills and education in their respective roles so that when career opportunities become available, they are best placed to advance within our organisation.

It is important to us that our clients know our staff and can understand that we take a team based approach and anyone in our office can assist, from changing a postal address to more detailed administrative issues.

We focus on and follow three phases of business processes:

Our Planning Process

Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances.

Your life goals could include buying a home, saving for your children's education, managing debt or planning for retirement.

Developing a Financial Strategy involves a six-step process that enables us take a 'big picture' look at where you are and where you want to be financially. Using this process allows us to clearly establish the financial framework needed to create a foundation for constructing a strategy with the aim of achieving your desired outcomes.

Generally, the financial planning process involves:

  • Gathering your financial data - such as details on your income, debt level, commitments, etc.
  • Identifying your goals - understand what you want to achieve and timeframe's.
  • Identifying any financial issues - or deficiencies between where you are now financially and where you want to be.
  • Preparing your financial plan. - including recommending appropriate levels of investment, superannuation, insurance and debt funding.
  • Implementing your financial plan - with consideration given to Product Selection Risk Management, Estate Planning and Tax Planning.
  • Reviewing and revising your plan - to ensure it stays up-to-date and relevant to the economic climate and your changing lifestyle.

Our initial meeting is not only aimed at gathering information but also for us both to assess how we can help you. We aim to build relationships on mutual respect and trust as this is generally a good sign that we will be able to work together long term.

1. Building Relationships and Trust

Our approach and philosophy focuses on developing a relationship based not simply on investing money, but rather on helping the individual to achieve their goals and objectives.

This is evidenced by:

Team Structure: An experienced team of Planners, Para Planners and Client Service Officers to professionally attending to our client’s ongoing needs in a timely manner.

Service Agreements: We offer a fee based service which specifically sets out the range of services we provide and the outcomes you can expect within a timeframe.

Fees: We are very open and upfront about our fees Some clients prefer to pay us directly and for some there are tax or other benefits in having their fees paid to us by product providers. We will work with you to determine the best approach. We understand that some clients occasionally require more service than others, but in our experience, this tends to balance out over the years. We do a lot of charitable things to genuinely help people.

Feedback: We take your feedback seriously. Most of our new clients and work comes to us via word of mouth. The best measure of client satisfaction is whether you are prepared to recommend others to us and fortunately many of our new clients are referred by existing clients.

2. Goal Setting

This is a formal process where we document and outline your future plans, aspirations and major life events.

We believe it is important that we regularly review your goals and ensure that they are prioritised, quantified and have targeted time frames.

3. Proactive Reviews

Our ongoing service ensures your financial plans are reviewed regularly and are adjusted to suit your changing circumstances or economic conditions.

These adjustments can be identified by:

  • Formally updating the financial plan as required, but at the very least during your reviews.
  • Providing ongoing advice, as needed, between annual reviews.
  • Encouraging consultation on major financial decisions, whether lifestyle, personal or investment related.