Your Financial Planning

Financial Planning Household Budget

It’s that time of the year again..what does my Financial Planning look like?

All those things you were going to organise to better manage the household budget:

• Put some cash aside for those annual bills so that you don’t need to hit the credit card

• Refinance the home loan to a lower rate

• Take out income protection in case you are off work from an accident or sickness

• …..the list goes on

Life can become quite busy during the year but maybe now it’s time to take a breath and seek some professional guidance to point you in the right direction. Developing a financial plan will aim to deal with all those financial matters that just seem to remain in the too hard basket.

Financial advice is often mistaken as only about investments and shares. This is only a small part of the bigger picture.

An experienced, qualified Financial Adviser has the skills to deal with most financial aspects of building, protecting and maintaining a sustainable level of wealth for you and your family.

Financial Risk

Financial Planning On Track

Managing your financial risk is key to your future financial security and peace of mind. Financial Risk is more than just about the potential loss of your money.

It’s the risk of too much debt, not enough insurance if you are sick or injured and not able to work, and the risk of not having enough in cash reserves in an emergency. A credit card is usually the first option for many of us but this only increases your risk.

It’s not about sacrificing your lifestyle to save for one. A well structured financial plan will keep you on track without compromising your lifestyle.

It’s better to seek professional financial advice sooner rather than later.

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