PSS and CSS and DFRDB Super Schemes

PSS and CSS Super Schemes

PSS and CSS Super Members

Superannuation and Defined Benefits for the PSS and CSS Super Schemes seem as simple as pay your standard contributions post tax and wait until you retire.

But is it as simple as it sounds?

Let’s test your knowledge about your CSS or PSS Defined Benefit account. Answer True or False

PSS and CSS Super Schemes Retirement
1. Neither fund can lose money.
2. At retirement all I need to do is fill out a form to start my life time indexed pension and enjoy life.
3. I can’t salary sacrifice.
4. A non-indexed pension guarantees I will always have enough income in retirement.
5. The new Centrelink rules don’t affect my life time indexed pension when I apply for the age pension.
6. PSS option of a lump sum is best taken as tax free.

If you answered True to any of the above, perhaps you need to see an experienced Senior Financial Adviser to help you understand your retirement options.

DFRDB Members

The DFRDB is a complex fund with many variables and needs more than just a few simple questions to be considered. We need to take into account additional benefits that may be available to you such as the DVA Pension and the importance of the Gold Card for your ongoing health needs (if applicable).

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