Insurance Claims - No Payout No Fee

Insurance Claims

We specialise in negotiating and managing Life Insurance and Disability Insurance Claims. Whether you have personal life and disability cover or cover held within your Superannuation fund, we can assist.

No need for expensive legal bills, we simply identify how your claim meets the definition in your policy and then negotiate and facilitate your payment.

Our Advisers have many years of experience in managing insurance claims. We understand what is required from the Insurers to assist them in expediting payment of your insurance claim. If your claim satisfies the policy terms we can generally have your payment paid within 30 days. 

Insurance Claims

We can manage the whole process right through to depositing the funds into your bank account. As we are licensed Financial Advisers we can also provide you with advice on how to deal with the proceeds, including:

  • Clearing debt and other costs associated with your insurance claim
  • Generating long term lifestyle income for you and your family
  • Minimising your ongoing tax liabilities
  • Making provision for cash reserves to meet future medical expenses

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