Creating Wealth for Generations

Accumulating wealth throughout your working life is fundamental to a comfortable lifestyle when you no longer wish to work. Your life partner gives you purpose by sharing the good times and the challenging times. Raising children completes the family household. Life becomes busy and the household budget takes a back seat. Structured financial planning for future events is on the "To Do" list........does this sound familiar?

Let's look at two classic examples of structured financial planning. These are at opposite ends of the spectrum but both equally as important to address soon rather than later.  

Education Funding

Planning Wealth for Education

The gift of knowledge through education for your children is something that can only be measured on reflection.

The quality of that education and the individual abilities of your children will ultimately determine the long term value and wealth opportunities created.

A Child Education Plan can commence from when your child is an infant. Regular monthly amounts and/or lump sum additions can be added at anytime. The Plan can be used to pay for School or Uni fees by term/semester. Ownership can be assigned to your Child on their 18th Birthday or as late as age 25. You hold these funds in trust for your Child and have full control until that time. 

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Death - Who Will Receive Your Assets


The younger we are the less we consider who will receive our assets on death. Of course if you have a life partner who has shared the journey with you the transfer of wealth can seem very straight forward.

But with changing modern family households you may wish to have a level of comfort and certainty now. You can formally document how your wealth is to be assigned on your death at some time in the future.

We work closely with Estate Planning Law Specialists who can address that certainty for you.

Your Estate Plan can allow your beneficiaries a choice of structured ownership of your assets after your death for both asset protection and tax efficiency.