About Us


Why Life Assets?

We aim to bring you long term value with consistent, considered and measured advice so that your financial decisions will result in stability and security for you and your family.






























What makes Life Assets Different?

 As Financial Planners our role focuses on guiding and supporting clients on a path to financial balance and security. 

Our systems and procedures are web based using state of the art technology to ensure we maintain a consistent high level of client service.

Each of our staff undertakes continuing development of their skills and education in their respective roles so that when career opportunities become available they are best placed to advance within our organisation.

It is important that our clients are familiar with our staff and can talk to anyone in our office, from changing a postal address to more detailed administrative issues

We follow three phases of business processes:

1. Building Relationships & Trust

Our approach and philosophy focuses on developing a relationship based not simply on investing money, but rather on helping the individual to achieve their goals and objectives.

This is evidenced by:

Team Structure: An experienced team of Planners, Para Planners and Client Relations Officers attending to our client’s ongoing needs in a timely and professional manner.

Private Client Service Agreements: Should you require a high level of ongoing service, we offer a Fee for Service Solution which specifically sets out the services we will provide and the outcomes you can expect within a timeframe.

General Fee Structure: Typically, remuneration paid to us by product providers as a result of recommendations made to clients is generally our sole source of income. We accept that some clients occasionally require more service than others but this tends to balance out over the years as the remuneration is linked to a percentage of the wealth created over time. We prefer to spend more available time with our clients rather than calculating individual costs for every client.

Feedback: The best measure of client satisfaction is whether you are prepared to refer others. Every year around 95% of our new clients are referred by existing clients.

2. Goal Setting

This is a formal process where we document and measure your:
Future plans, intentions and major life events.
We believe it is important that we regularly review these goals and ensure that they are prioritised, quantified and have targeted time frames.  

3. Proactive Reviews

Our ongoing service agreement ensures your financial plans can be adjusted to suit your changing circumstances.

These adjustments can be identified by:

  • Formally updating the financial plan as required, but at the very least during the annual review.

  • Providing ongoing advice between annual reviews, when required.

  • Encouraging consultation on major financial decisions, whether lifestyle or investment related.